“…beautifully engaging narratives convey universal messages about belonging, love, family, personal growth, forgiveness, and reconciliation….and redemption.”

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In R.B. Scott’s newest novel, The Mending, the past collides with the present as the deeply spiritual, yet iconoclastic Benjamin Adams Pratt prepares to return to Salt Lake City, where he was born and raised, for a milestone high school reunion. What unfolds over the next hundred thousand words or so is a poignant and rollicking homecoming of a prodigal—in this case, the boy who forsook the Mormon Zion for the glamour and pace of Manhattan. Along the way, refreshingly nuanced and complex perspectives on faith, love, and personal acceptance emerge almost inadvertently.

Scott’s beautifully engaging narratives convey universal messages about belonging, love, personal growth, forgiveness, and reconciliation. He skillfully guides the reader through Ben’s metamorphosis from an astonishingly independent and footloose child in Salt Lake City, into a wily and scornful New Yorker who is simultaneously seduced, bemused, and repulsed by the privileges of class and almost genetic, if practiced, erudition. The universal messages transcend the borderlands of inheritance, religion, culture, ethnicity, and humanity.