Mitt 2016: Will Three Be The Charm?

By R.B. Scott

San Francisco, CA - For nearly two years I have insisted that if the circumstances are right Mitt Romney will be a candidate for President in 2016.

They are getting righter by the hour:

  1. his polling/favorability numbers have been consistently impressive since June of 2012;
  2. he has attracted more media attention than any former presidential candidate in recent memory and it is increasing;
  3. he has assidiously worked to strengthen the his party from within by putting his economic resources and muscle to work for other GOP candidates;
  4. no other viable Republican candidate has emerged so far. In fact, polls indicate that Romney currently sweeps the field possible GOP contenders, even when their numbers are combined. Moreover, they suggest he would defeat each of likely Democrat candidates.

For nearly two years, Romney has been cautiously setting the table for an announcement that will likely arrive in early 2015, say a year out from the New Hampshire Primary.

The bottom line is this: if wife Ann remains healthy and the party is united behind him (it's increasingly clear that he could win)Mitt Romney will once again be a candidate for President of The United States.

It is time hit the "Mitt Refresh" button. Re-read my biographical sketch of the former governor of Massachusetts, published shortly before the primaries of 2012. If you haven't a copy, here's where you can purchase one right now

Below are a few excerpts from the book:

Romney Legacy

“We would be better off today if George Romney had found a more circumspect way to say what he did about Vietnam. If he were elected, he would have spared us the shame of Watergate and the “enemies list,” the sadness and horror of Kent State, and the deadly protests that followed. Nora Ephron would have married someone besides Dustin Hoffman—uh, Carl Bernstein. Bob Woodward would not look in the mirror and see Bob Redford. Mercifully, journalists would still be the obscure scribes God intended them to be instead of ubiquitous and often irksome know-it-all demi-celebrities.

Serious Personality

Romney’s demeanor and personal habits challenge the Karl Rove electoral model that Americans elect the man they can sit down and have a beer with. “If he drank beer, he would not be the kind of guy you’d enjoy having a few beers with,” admits one of his senior staff members, also an abstainer, which is why he ducked a response to a teasing observation: “Perhaps a few beers is just what he [Romney] needs.”

Social Awkwardness

That may be why people … often find him a little tinny, klutzy, and unintentionally graceless in his attempts to establish down-to-earth connections with the people around him. Goody-goodies like W. Mitt Romney can, at times, come off as just a little too sincere—smugly sincere. His own father, George, spotted the problem back in 1994 and cautioned him to ignore some of the advice he was getting from his handlers and connect with the people in his own, natural way. It was something George did particularly well.

Arrested Development

The rest of the story, the whole story, reads like the script for a ham-fisted Abbott and Costello skit, the kind that telegraphs the absurd climax long before it arrives. Mitt, his wife Ann, and their sons had invited another family for an impromptu beat-the-heat boat outing. They arrived at the lake and were about to get some relief when a park ranger showed up and noticed the boat’s registration had not yet been renewed for the new season, which officially didn’t begin for another week or so. The officious ranger announced that the boat could not be launched without the proper license. A conversation ensued, and no doubt it turned about as hot as that May day. (The seemingly unflappable Romney has a temper that flares from time to time, especially when common sense seems to have gone on holiday.). The ranger blustered something ominous like: “Young man, it will cost you $50 if you put that boat in the water today.” Whereupon, Mitt, ever the can-do optimist, shrugged nonchalantly, reached for his wallet and came up with the cash, which prompted the ranger to notify the Natick police of the “bribery” attempt. He , officially charginged Romneyhim with “disorderly conduct.”

While the story itself is delightful, it also is illustratesive of the man’s straight-ahead approach to life:. 1) He is a problem solver who rarely takes “no” for an answer; 2) He acts pragmatically and preemptively; 3) He likes to be in control and can be very controlling; 4) He doesn’t read people well,in fact, he expects people, like the ranger, to say exactly what they mean and mean exactly what they say, and he expects people to listen that way, too; 5) He doesn’t anticipate blind-side attacks and therefore is ill-prepared prepared to deal with them; and 6) If he has ever made a mistake, he would rather keep it to himself, although he is quite sure that whatever it was, in most cases it probably was the result of a misunderstanding, someone not listening carefully or lacking the sense God gave a goose.

Slumped dejectedly on the booking bench, Romney was startled and mortified to see his fellow churchman [Peter]Garland standing over him, smiling. “What on earth are you doing here?” the future presidential candidate demanded, more than a little bit humiliated.

Garland grinned wryly, as if he had just been dished a straight line. “I think I am here to bail you out of jail.”